Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Museum – Traditional Garments, Musical Instruments and Tapestries

Some would argue that the only museum in Essaouira that is worth seeing is the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Museum. This excellent museum is certainly worth spending time in. Not only is the collection absolutely fabulous, but the building it is housed in is delightful too. Together they present the perfect Moroccan museum where you can lose yourself in the culture and history of Morocco for hours if you should wish to do so.

The Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Museum in Morocco is situated in a pasha residence that dates back to the 19th century. The graceful mansion is certainly worthy of attention since it is typical of such buildings at the time. Within its walls it is easy to imagine the graceful lifestyle that a person in such a position of authority must have enjoyed. This particular mansion is the setting of a great ethnographic museum where you can get a taste for the local art in its many different forms. You will find traditional garments for special occasions, tapestries, musical instruments (both old and modern) and a number of other articles. There is a strong focus on the Berber culture and many of the articles originate with this people. There are some articles that are used in Berber rituals and there are a number of handicraft traditions specific to particular tribes, which have been well documented and presented. Of course, there is also an excellent collection of woodwork and carpets and a wonderful display of old photographs of traditional costumes. Some of the ethnographic parts of the display are located on the upper floor, so make sure that you don’t accidentally skip them.

If any of these various aspects of regional art, history and culture appeal to you, you should definitely make an effort to visit the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Museum in Morocco.

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