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  • Traveling and Exploring Oujda Morocco

    Known in Moroccan history for its strong-minded university students who aren’t afraid to protest for their cause, Oujda is Morocco’s most populated northern city. When compared to the cities ...

  • اكتشف جمال وثقافة أزرو

    تقع المدينة القديمة الصغيرة أزرو حوالي 80 كلم جنوب فاس في جهة مكناس تافيلالت المغربية. هذه المدينة البربرية الجميلة تقع على ارتفاع 1200 متر معششة بين تلال حادة وتفطرات بركانية. التسمية أزرو تعني ...

  • Le sud du Maroc et Aït Ben Haddou

    La région sud du Maroc est l’un des divers paysages qui s’étendent tout le long de l’Algérie jusqu’à la côte atlantique. En venant des montagnes du Haut Atlas, rien ne vous prépare aux montagnes ...

  • بن عيسى يفوز بجائزة زايد لأفضل شخصية ثقافية

    اعلنت جائزة الشيخ زايد للكتاب فوز محمد بن عيسى وزير الثقافة المغربي السابق بجائزة الشيخ زايد للكتاب كأفضل شخصية ثقافية للدورة الثانية 2007 – 2008

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What to See

  • Attractions

    Medina Of Rabat

    Rabat has been the capital city of Morocco since the French protectorate ended in the 1950's. Rabat is a modern coastal city, but the atmosphere is quite easy-going in comparison to Casablanca which is a booming metropolis. The city's buildings and houses are painted white and are surrounded with beautiful gardens. Rabat has a number of wide boulevards and is full of interesting historical ...

  • Art Galleries


    Any lover of art should spend at least a little time visiting the many art galleries in Morocco if they plan to spend some time in the country. These galleries can prove to be an oasis of tranquility and beauty in a busy market area filled with bartering, rugs and livestock. The art market of Morocco is still relatively young, having only really started coming into its own in the last few ...

  • Ports

    Port of Essaouira

    The Port of Essaouira is not only home to many fishing boats and vessels, it is a popular tourist attraction and has a significant and interesting history attached to it. Fishing is done for local distribution and plays a significant role in the atmosphere and lure to the port. The Essaouira port is not used for commercial traffic and this has enabled it to retain its authenticity and ...

  • Museums

    National Ceramics

    Perhaps one of the most interesting forms of ceramics is that of Safiot pottery. These incredibly ornate masterpieces are simply unbeatable for handcrafted decadence. The skill needed for Safiot pottery is passed down from generation to generation and many still practice this form of pottery today. In fact, visitors can take a course in it wherein they are housed with the family of a Safi ...

  • Directory

    Miscellaneous Travel

    Directory listing for "Miscellaneous Travel". Please contact us if you wish to be listed here.

  • Area Guide


    Though you may picture vibrant, old medinas and large dusty desert plains when you think about Morocco, the fact is that there is a lot more to the landscape of this fascinating country. The Moroccan landscape is framed and completed by several majestic mountain ranges. Not only do these mountain ranges in Morocco make for spectacular scenery and an interesting change in flora and fauna, but ...

  • Attractions


    Chefchaouen was first founded in 1492 by Spanish exiles and it is the main town in the province of Chefchaouen. The town is situated in the northwest of Morocco near the Rif Mountains and is inland from Tetouan and Tangier.

  • Wildlife

    Barbary Macaque

    The Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) resides chiefly in Morocco and in the mountains of Algeria, with a much smaller population making their home in Gibraltar. The species is considered one of the Old World monkeys and are the only free living primates in Europe, with the exception of humans. They are also sometimes referred to as the Barbary Ape, however they are true monkeys.


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