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  • مدينة الصويرة = الموغادور الهاءل

    توجد مدينة الصويرة في جنوب غرب المغرب وتعتبر موقعا مثاليا للفرار من شواطئ مدينة أكادير المكتظة بالسياح. إسم المدينة الأصلي هو تاسورت على إسم قصبتها التي تشبه جدرانها العالية جدران قلعة.

  • Keeping stomach bugs at bay on the road in Morocco

    Before the overland truck filled with tourists continued barreling through Morocco and on its way to Ghana, the driver and guide of the tour revealed that it seemed that their crew got sick in ...

  • Discover Morocco’s Coastal Gems

    While planning a visit to Morocco may conjure up visions of the rolling dunes of the Sahara, or the pleasant chaos of market places and sidewalk cafés in Casablanca and Marrakech, an ...

  • Morocco’s Wild Cats

    Morocco has a number of national parks and reserves providing excellent opportunities for visitors to view the country's wildlife in their natural habitat. Among the wildlife of Morocco are ...

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What to See

  • Museums

    Borj Nord

    If you’re planning to visit Fez during your trip to Morocco, you should definitely schedule some time for a visit to the Borj-Nord Museum. This interesting museum seems to be an almost forgotten tribute to the past, with many visitors and locals neglecting to visit it. Nevertheless it is immensely interesting and provides interesting insight into the military history and traditions of ...

  • Ports

    Port of Al Hoceima

    Tetouan and Nador are located on the same road as a quaint town by the name of Al Hoceima. Situated on the water's edge of the Al Hoceima Bay, the town has been in existence since 1925. The Port of Al Hociema cannot accommodate commercial ships or vessels, but serves the many fishing vessels that fish locally and is extremely important to the tourism industry. It is a port that is always ...

  • Wildlife

    Egyptian Cobra

    Not everyone will be all too pleased to meet up with an Egyptian cobra (Naja haje), but travelers to Morocco should be aware that it is the most common variety of cobra in North Africa. This somewhat attractive but deadly snake lives in hot, desert-like regions and much of Morocco fits that description. Still, the Egyptian cobra in Morocco does not go out of its way to make contact ...

  • Heritage Sites

    Marrakech Medina

    The Almoravids founded the Medina of Marrakech and built its walls in the 11th century. The Marrakech Medina is situated in the southwestern parts of Morocco near the Atlas Mountains, which extend for 2 400 kilometers. It is thought that the Medina's name 'Marrakech' originated from the Berber language.

  • Essentials

    Getting There

    Make sure you're mobile by using any one of the many forms of transport in Morocco. Whether you choose to travel by bus, train, car or air, you'll be sure to get to your destination quickly!

  • Discover Morocco

    Key Facts

    Know where you're going! Below is a list of some key facts and essential information about Morocco.

  • Area Guide

    High Atlas

    The High Atlas is the biggest mountain range in North Africa. These striking mountains offer extremely impressive mountain biking trails, hiking trails and photography opportunities. The high peaks result in plenty of rainfall; therefore the High Atlas has many fertile valleys surrounded by rivers and waterfalls. It's a breathtaking sight that cannot be missed!

  • Essentials

    Health Advice

    Below are some handy tips to staying healthy during your holiday in Morocco...


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