Marrakech Railway Station – Recognizable Landmark and Easy Transport

There are many travelers that flock to Marrakech because of its beauty and easy-going atmosphere. It is a city that was immortalized by Winston Churchill in his well-publicized War Memoirs. He wrote: "Here, surrounded by its extensive palm-groves that have sprung out of the desert, the traveler may rest assured that he will never tire of the majestic view of the snow-covered Atlas Mountains. The sun is dazzling and warm, but never unbearably so; the air is sharp and refreshing, yet never unpleasantly cold; the days are perfect, the nights are cool." And waiting to welcome you to this spectacular city is the Marrakech Railway Station.

The Marrakech Railway Station is a recognizable landmark with its pure white buildings that stand out from the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. It is the only train station in Marrakech and there are regular trains between various destinations such as Casablanca, Tangier, Rabat and Fez. The train station in Marrakech is known to locals as the Gare de Marrakech. The station forms part of the Moroccan State Railway and this means that the trains and the Marrakech Railway Station building falls under the management of ONFC. This beautiful reminder of the colonial era offers travelers a safe, reliable and affordable form of transport.

The Marrakech Railway Station has a direct travel route to Tangier, which is an overnight route, and direct rail services to cities such as Fez, Rabat and Casablanca. Tickets can be booked in advance and first class coaches are fitted with air-conditioning systems. They have both steam and electric trains that service their lines. Since they are located at the end of the railway line, the selection of destinations that are offered are somewhat limited.

Being located near the Medina and the Ville Nouvelle, the railway station in Marrakech is within walking distance of the most visited areas and most popular traveler accommodation. There is a bus service and many taxis that wait outside the station, but getting to one of these can be a fight at times.

The station is located on Avenue Hassan II in Marrakesh and can be contacted by telephone on (+212 0) 244 465 69 (Number subject to change). Any queries or timetable and cost information can be found on the ONCF website. The Marrakesh Railway Station also offers travelers services such as ticket purchasing, train information boards and refreshments to make their journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

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