Money in Morocco – Dirham, Francs and Pestas

If you are planning to travel to Morocco, it would be wise to exchange some of your money into Moroccan dirhams (MAD/DH). It would also be prudent to spend a little time getting to know how the local currency works since visitors to this exciting country often find it quite confusing.

Essentially, the currency of Morocco is quite simple. A dirham is made up of 100 centimes but confusion arises with the introduction of rials (also reales). In the majority of the country, 20 rials make up a dirham. However in Tangier and the Rif, only two rials are needed to make a Dirham. The rial is more of a form of monetary expression than an actual monetary unit and this is why it has no set standard. To add to the confusion, centimes are sometimes also called francs and pesetas in certain parts of the country. If you are bargaining for an item, it is usually best to ascertain exactly how many dirhams or centimes the seller is marketing his goods for.

Moroccan coins are available in 5c 10c 20c, 50c, 1dh, 5dh and 10dh. Notes are available in 20dh, 50dh, 100dh and 200dh. While the Moroccan economy is fairly stable you may find that you will be able to buy dirhams at a cheaper rate at some travel agents in Morocco than from others so it is usually a good idea to shop around. You will be able to exchange your money at most travel agents and at most major ports or stations that regularly deal with foreigners.

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