National Ceramics Museum – Incredible Safiot Pottery

Perhaps one of the most interesting forms of ceramics is that of Safiot pottery. These incredibly ornate masterpieces are simply unbeatable for handcrafted decadence. The skill needed for Safiot pottery is passed down from generation to generation and many still practice this form of pottery today. In fact, visitors can take a course in it wherein they are housed with the family of a Safi artisan and are taught all the aspects of Safiot pottery. If you would like to see excellent examples of this ingenious way of decorating and molding clay, why not visit the National Ceramics Museum in Morocco?

The National Ceramics Museum is housed in the Kechla citadel, which was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The building itself is an interesting treat since, not only does it offer a fantastic view of the roofs of the medina all the way to the cool blue waters of the Atlantic, but it has a number of interesting design elements incorporated into it. It also has great historical significance. Of course, the most interesting aspect of the building is not the building or the view, but rather the ceramic gems that are housed inside of it. The Kechla citadel is home to some of the finest pieces of Safiot pottery in the country. Each item housed here has been carefully handcrafted and finished under the hands of a skilled Safi artisan. Such exquisite work has been the pride of the residents of Safi for years. Each ceramic masterpiece provides a world of self-expression and is filled with meaningful designs, styles and colors. The pieces are trimmed with tooled silver overlay which gives a sort of richness to the design and adds to its uniqueness. Techniques used to create these beautiful designs include engraving, stamping, molding and sculpting and a skilled artisan may also used subtle differences in color and relief to further decorate their artworks.

The excellent examples of this artwork on display at the National Ceramics Museum are, of course, not for sale – especially since many of them are very old. If seeing them inspires you to purchase the ultimate conversation piece for your home, you can visit the potter’s quarter in the Safi museum where a number of modern-day artists continue to practice this age-old trade. You will find them shaping, painting and baking a variety of dishes, tiles and other ceramics while you watch and there are always plenty of these items available for purchase. So visit the National Ceramics Museum in the Citadelle de la Kechla in Safi and discover a whole new facet of ceramic art.

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