Kenzi Hotels

Kenzi Club Oasis- The Kenzi Club Oasis in Marrakech can be best described as a hotel oasis in the heart of Morocco, bringing the majestic beauty of the desert to the doorstep of the hotel. Its location in the city of Marrakech gives the Kenzi Club Oasis the advantage of being near to attractions such as the Ben Youssef Mosque, Marrakech Museum and the Djemaa El Fna. However, it is the fact that this picturesque establishment is located on a palm tree plantation that lures guests to the hotel, as it is surrounded by the peacefulness and tranquility of nature.

Kenzi Farah Marrakech – The Kenzi Farah Marrakech hotel is part of the Kenzi Hotel Group and is a five star establishment that offers visitors luxury accommodation and top class services and facilities. It is a hotel that is surrounded by natural beauty and splendor, with landscaped gardens and majestic palm trees that decorate the three hectare park that it is located on. The picturesque surroundings, detailed décor and focus on service make this hotel an establishment that is as beautiful as it is comfortable and relaxing.

Kenzi Menara Palace – The Kenzi Menara Palace hotel must be the envy of other accommodation establishments in Marrakech, as it has located itself in a prime position in the city. Situated near the Jamaa El Fna Square, the hotel overlooks the breathtaking Agdal royal gardens and the ancient ramparts of the city. Guests at the hotel also have magnificent views of the Atlas Mountains, and surrounding the hotel are breathtaking landscaped gardens that cover the five hectares on which the hotel is built. It is also a stylish and beautifully designed establishment, with Arabo Moorish and featuring detailed décor to complete the lavish structure.

Kenzi Europa Hotel – The Kenzi Europa Hotel is a four-star establishment that is housed on eight floors. Its convenient location allows visitors to be within walking distance of one of the most popular beaches in Agadir, and also has spectacular ocean views for guests to enjoy. It is an establishment that prides itself on comfortable accommodation, providing guests with superior services and facilities.

Kenzi Tower Hotel – The Kenzi Tower Hotel has become a landmark building in Casablanca, with its two massive hotel towers looming over the city. This new luxury hotel has been erected in the booming and fashionable district of the city, allowing for magnificent views of the city, of the well known Hassan II Mosque and the peaceful waters of the Casablanca port. Its location in the city centre allows guests to explore the shopping district of Casablanca, discover the wonders of its historical sites and travel the surrounding areas of the city, with the Kenzi Tower Hotel as their base.

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