Surfing in Morocco – Surfing Schools and Competitions

The sport of surfing has slowly gained momentum in Morocco and many organizations have sprung up to educate the locals as to its tourism and visitor potential. Surfing schools have been opened and competitions have been organized to promote surfing in Morocco. Many people have not even considered Morocco as a surfing destination, which is quite a pity as it has some of the most wonderful surfing spots available all in one region.

Surfing in Morocco was initiated by a group of Australian and American surfers in the 1970’s, but lately the Moroccan shores have seen many local surfing talents and Europeans enjoy the waves. Many surfing legends, such as Shaun Candell, Lowrie Turner, Alan Stokes, Tai Burrows, and Josh Ash, to name only a few, have come to Morocco to enjoy and experience the surf. The most popular surfing region in Morocco is the area around Agadir. Accommodation can be found in Agadir, Taghazoute or in the village of Tamrhakht – all of which are popular with surfers as most of the surfing hotspots are accessible from there and accommodation is very inexpensive.

The best time for surfing in Morocco is during the late autumn and the winter months. Swells are consistent and the air is reasonably warm. In summer there are many flat spells and the waves are uneventful. There is hardly any overcrowding and there are good waves around every corner. Some spots have never even been surfed in, as access to the beach can be a bit tricky in areas.

The most popular surfing spots around Taghazoute are as follows: Panorama’s is known for its right hand break point. Here waves are reasonable in size, but surfers must remain aware that the rip is very strong here and surfers will have to paddle to stay in position. This is not for the lazy surfer. Hash Point also has a right hand break point and wave size can be very good on particular days. Anchor Point is a little crowded on the best of days, because waves are constantly good here. Strong currents are also found here and surfers need to be vigilant not to end up on the rocks. Other spots include Banana Beach, Mysteries, Killer Point (best waves in the Taghazoute area), Boilers and Tamri.

For surfing enthusiasts, Morocco is the place to be. With endless surfing, great weather and good food, the hardest part of the journey will be getting through customs. There are a few surfing companies in Morocco that will also gladly assist visitors. During a break from the waves surfers will be captivated by the fascinating and beautiful country that lies waiting to be explored.

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