Rental Cars in Morocco

Business and leisure travelers will find that car rental in Morocco offers a wide range of vehicles to suit all requirements and budgets. Exploring the country at your own pace and convenience is one of the main reasons for car rental in Morocco, but bear in mind that it is best to plan your journey in advance to ensure that you get to see all the attractions of the area you plan to visit.

When considering whether or not to rent a car in Morocco, you need to remember that you will need an international driver’s license in order to do so. You will also need to have your wits about you – especially at night when hikers, cyclists and animals pose an unseen danger. Also of danger is the fact that a car is allowed to travel under 20 km/h with no lights on so you will really have to keep on the look out. Otherwise, driving is really straightforward and since not many locals have access to vehicles or have the need to drive long distances, the roads are usually clear and easy to navigate.

By some standards, car rental could be considered to be quite costly but it really depends on what you are used to and how much you plan to use the vehicle as well as what sort of car you intend on hiring. The price of petrol in the country is also considered to be somewhat higher than that paid in other countries so be sure to budget a little extra. You will need to make sure that your insurance is all in order as most car rental agencies will not hand over the keys if it isn’t. Otherwise you will likely have a great time exploring the country at your own pace.

Getting around on your own can add a whole new dimension to your trip. Hiring a car is often the perfect way to do this.

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