Train Stations – The Most Popular Form of Transport

Trains are the most popular form of transportation in Morocco and it is advised that train tickets are booked and paid for in advance. Train and bus tickets are available at train stations in Morocco in the larger cities and are called Rail and Route passes. But for the most part, traveling by train in Morocco is a pleasant experience and Moroccan Train Stations are quite easy to navigate.

There are a few lingering reminders of the influence that the French have had in this country in some Moroccan Train Stations, such as the one located in Tangier. Train fares are quite reasonably priced and travel between cities in Morocco is easier by train than bus or taxicab. The railway network that is owned by the state is known as the ONCF and the trains are quite comfortable and well maintained. Train Stations in Morocco have clear information boards that display times and platform numbers in both French and Arabic. Delays and cancellations are also posted on the boards. When disembarking in one of the cities, travelers will find many buses and taxis waiting at the train station to transport them further.

There are a few points that travelers should be aware of in regard to etiquette and culture when on the trains. Local travelers are very friendly and easy to talk to. Smokers are generally found in the corridors of the train cars, as that is the only place on the train that is viewed as an acceptable smoking area. If the train cars of the train do not have corridors, smokers will have to fight their craving until they have reached their destination. Safety measures on Moroccan trains are the same as found anywhere in the world. Petty criminals also target trains here, but if you are vigilant and keep your luggage and valuables at your side at all times, you will have a safe journey. If you do incur any problems during the journey, train staff and police at the train stations will be able to assist you.

It is also important to ensure that you are familiar with the routes and travel system within the city you are visiting. Most cities have one main station and one or two smaller train stations. Marrakech has one major train station, whereas Casablanca has two. Casablanca’s main station is the Casa Voyageurs and the smaller Casa Port Train Station does not have much rail traffic. The Mohammed V Airport in Morocco has its own underground train station that can transport travelers to their destinations or connecting destinations.

Casa Voyageurs Station:
As the main railway station in Casablanca, Casa Voyageurs Station links Casablanca to many destinations in Morocco, including Rabat, Marrakech, Tangier, Meknes, Fes and El Jadida. With its high clock tower rising above the entrance, the Casa Voyageurs Station is easy for travelers to find, where they can be sure of safe and efficient transportation by train to their destination of choice.

Casa Port Station:
The smaller of Casablanca’s two train stations, Casa Port Station is located near the city’s port and primarily serves passenger trains traveling to Casablanca from the city of Kenitra. Trains travel from Casa Port Station to the main station of Casablanca, Casa Voyageurs, and from there on to many other destinations.

Marrakech Railway Station:
With its sparkling white buildings in sharp contrast with the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains, the Marrakech Railway Station is a landmark which is easy to find. With architecture and adornments reminiscent of the colonial era, the Marrakech Railway Station offer travelers a reliable, safe and affordable mode of transport.

Rabat Ville Train Station:
The old-fashioned exterior of Rabat’s main train station is a contrast to the modern, clean and well-maintained facilities inside. The station is situated close to Rabat’s major tourist attractions and hotels and links the city to a host of destinations in Morocco.

Tanger Ville Train Station:
As the closest station to the city center of Tangier, the modern and efficient Tanger Ville Train station is extremely busy with numerous trains arriving and leaving throughout the day.

The train stations in Morocco are safe and well organized and so is train travel. Seeing the country while traveling between cities is spectacular through a train window and also gives travelers the opportunity to relax and enjoy Moroccan hospitality.

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