Archaeological Museum – Prehistoric-, Paleolithic- and Neolithic Periods Collections

If you enjoy visiting museums, the Archaeological Museum in Morocco is a must-see. Built in 1932, the original museum has since been greatly enlarged in order to provide adequate housing for the ever-expanding plethora of archaeological discoveries that have been found in Morocco. The building itself has been the site of the National Museum Collection since 1986 and it certainly has a lot to offer the average visitor.

The collections cover prehistoric periods, Paleolithic periods and Neolithic periods, thus taking you on a steady journey through time. Much of these early discoveries have long been a part of the Archaeological Museum in Rabat. But the collection certainly doesn’t end there. Visitors can then journey back in time to the 8th and 9th century where excavations from this period take on strong Islamic significance. This part of the museum continues to expand at a steady rate and it has given historians a good idea of the lives people led at this time since discoverers have unearthed articles from daily life such as jewelry, animals, baking items and even medical tools!

However the most fascinating display in the Archaeological Museum has to be that belonging to the Pre-Roman and Roman civilizations that were once so prominent in the parts of Africa surrounding the Mediterranean. Here you will find Hellenistic-style bronze sculptures of exceptional quality. The ‘Drunken Donkey’ and ‘Volubilis Dog’ are generally always favorites while the ‘Young Man Crowned with Ivy’ is iconic of the grace and realism inherent in sculpture at the time. A more local touch can be seen in the ‘Heads of Young Berbers’ marble sculpture, which is absolutely incredible to see. Many remarks have been made about the strength of expression that can be seen in these well-carved marble busts. It is fascinating to see such a Hellenistic style of art being applied to the local Berber population and this is certainly not something you are likely to see elsewhere.

So why not visit the Archaeological Museum in Rabat and take a journey through time? You’ll find the museum at 23 rue Brihi in a building so large that you simply cannot miss it!

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