Marrakech Museum – Traditional Art in the Dar M’Nebhi Palace

One of the truly interesting things about Morocco is the way that traditional Moroccan art and architecture is still very much a part of everyday life. In some places it is as if time has stopped and you find traditionally clad people living traditional lifestyles in traditional homes. There is a strong sense of culture and family unity here that is almost tangible - even to the outsider. And it is here in this delightful setting that you will find the Marrakech Museum.

Although the Marrakech Museum in Morocco displays a fine array of Jewish, Berber and Muslim artifacts, many will tell you that this is not the real reason that they come here. The true attraction is the Dar M’Nebhi Palace in which the Marrakech Museum is housed. This absolutely fabulous building dates back to the 19th century and features artistically decorated windows and archways, pillars and more. The building is often referred to as the ‘jewel of Marrakech’ and when you tour it you will see that it certainly is an amazing structure. There are dozens of different rooms, archways, pillars and passages in this massive maze of art and artifacts. Perhaps one of the most frequently photographed parts of the palace is the massive covered courtyard where huge sheets of fabric provide much needed shade and give the area an ethereal feeling. In the center there is an absolutely massive lamp chandelier hanging from the ceiling and all around the courtyard are traditional wrought iron chairs where visitors can relax and take in the sight.

Of course the artifacts in the Marrakech Museum are interesting too, but the Dar M’Nebhi Palace really makes the whole experience a satisfying one. Don’t forget to pack in your camera for this one, because you are going to want to use it a lot! You might also want to plan anything between 30 minutes and one and a half hours to view the palace and its many artistic displays, so make sure that you plan your visit properly to make the most out of it. You’ll find the Palace at Place Ben Youssef in Marrakech, Morocco. If you enjoy architecture, art and history you shouldn’t miss this great attraction.

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