Trekking – A Fantastic Way to Explore Morocco’s Mountains and Deserts

Though not everyone may view the physical effort involved as being something pleasant, there is definitely something to be said for the way that trekking allows you to experience a foreign country such as Morocco. Taking your time to walk from place to place can open your eyes to the beauty of a landscape or give your mind time to meditate on the culture or people that you have just experienced. It gives your travels a leisurely, comfortable pace and helps you make the most of your time spent on holiday.

If you plan to spend time trekking in Morocco, you should take note of the fact that the landscape is varied and may range from high mountains to vast deserts. Annual snows in higher-lying areas provide certain parts of the country with plenty of water so, while you may find yourself parched with thirst on one hand, you can also find yourself well shaded and hydrated in one of the many cultivated valleys to be found here. These unusual contrasts are part of what make the Moroccan landscape as unique and special as what it is and, if you are up for the challenge, a trek up the Atlas Mountains will have you gasping for breath and looking for your camera. Of course trekking companies will usually make the experience as pleasant as possible, providing mules to carry luggage and equipment and professional guides who can give you incredible insight into this intrinsically beautiful country. In fact, staff make the night camps as comfortable as possible and in some cases you may not feel that you are even ‘roughing it’ at all.

Trekking in Morocco is definitely one of the better ways to explore the world of the mountain Berber tribes. These tribes have always lived in remote parts of the country and are relatively unaffected by other civilizations and global trends. Life is simple here – with woman gathering at the wells to draw water and shepherds tending their flocks on the mountainsides. The pace of life is slow but generous and the people seem rested and whole. Trekking not only makes you privy to their lifestyles but also helps you to understand that there is pleasure in simplicity and that family is important no matter where or how you live. So take a trek in Morocco and discover a whole new soul-searching approach to travel.

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