Dar Jamai Museum – Amazing Local Arts and Crafts

The Dar Jamai Museum is located in the UNESCO World Heritage town centre of Meknes. Not only are the exhibits that are housed in the museum considered to be masterpieces, but so is the building itself. In the year 1882, construction of the home of the Jamai family was completed. This fine structure later became an important military hospital in 1912. By 1920 the significance of the building was recognized and the decision was made to transform this magnificent historical building into the Dar Jamai Museum.

Today, the palace still displays much of its wealthy beginnings, with a luxurious garden that has been landscaped in an Arab-style and features fruit trees and beautiful cypresses. The building boasts elegant painted windows, detailed tiles, painted wood and even sculptured plasterwork. It still oozes a feeling of luxury and is a symbol of the wealth and prosperity that was enjoyed by the Jamai family.

This spectacular museum in Morocco is dedicated to exhibiting the local talent and skill of the craftsmen of Morocco. It therefore displays vast and colorful exhibits of painted wood panels, decorated chests and breathtaking pottery pieces. Visitors will be astounded at the detail and time-consuming effort that is evident in every piece of wrought iron, brass, woodcarving, ceramics, metal work, coppersmith items and leatherwork. The museum also has a wonderful collection of jewelry, traditional costumes and rare carpets. This diverse and beautiful collection of crafts that is on display at this truly historic attraction in Morocco will fascinate and entertain visitors for hours.

The Jamai Museum itself is a feat of brilliant architecture and the exhibits that are featured inside its walls are a testament to the talent and unmatched skills of the locals. The craftsmen of this region bring color and magnificent pieces of art to life. It is clear that each item that is on display was created with pride and dedication and has highlighted the amazing work that is being done by the artists and craftsmen of the Meknes region.

It is recommended that visitors to Morocco stop at the Dar Jamai Museum, as it is a museum with diverse and interesting exhibits. To discover the beauty and hidden talents of Morocco’s Meknes region, visit the Dar Jamai Museum.

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