Museum of Moroccan Art – Unique Collections of Moroccan Artwork

The Museum of Moroccan Art (Dar el Makhzen) is located in the Medina of Tangier. The Museum was formerly a palace that was built in the 17th century for the use of the Governor. You can contact the museum on (212 9) 93 20 97 and it is open from Monday to Wednesday at 08:30 am to 18:00 pm.

The Museum of Moroccan Art is situated on beautiful grounds and is located specifically in the prince’s apartments at the palace. These rooms are exquisite and decorated with sculpted plasterwork and mosaics completed in colored marble and glass tile pieces. The prince’s apartments are finished off with beautiful wooden ceilings that have been painted.

Housed in the Museum of Moroccan Art are unique collections of artwork that come from different cities and towns in different regions of Morocco. These art pieces act as celebrated ambassadors, representing the entire country. Before you walk into the palace you will notice a unique and stunning interior courtyard, which is beautifully enameled in glazed earthenware.

In the northern rooms of the Museum of Moroccan Art there are a number of firearms decorating the walls. These firearms have been decorated with marquetry, which is a decorating technique that makes use of hot pieces of glass. The hot glass is applied to the surface of the firearm and later, when it has cooled, it is carved to produce a stunning piece of artwork. The museum also showcases intricate textiles and tile work, a variety of leather goods, stunning pieces of Moroccan Jewelry, Moroccan brass and copper products and rural earthenware crockery.

On the walls of the museum you will also observe pottery pieces that have been engraved with motifs of feathers and flowers and other similar decorations. In another room there are exquisite carpets from Rabat that have been beautifully woven, incorporating the characteristic medallion associated with the city. In the Fez room you will find silks that have been dyed in every color imaginable. There are manuscripts written using calligraphy and dishes that are centuries of years old and come in an array of vibrant colors. There is also embroidery work that has been beautifully stitched with real gold and a number of other Moroccan artifacts.

The Museum of Moroccan Art is a wonderful collection of handcrafted goods, which you definitely do not want to miss.

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