Archaeological Museum in Tetouan – Pre-Historic and the Pre-Islamic Times

Tetouan was once known as Tamouda and it is believed that this settlement was founded close to the third century B.C. The Roman occupiers destroyed the settlement in approximately the year forty-two A.D. during a revolt. A fortified camp was erected in place of the settlement by the Roman troops and traces of their occupation are still visible today. The Archaeological Museum in Tetouan preserves and exhibits beautiful artifacts and pieces of history that reminds and educates visitors of the rich historical roots of Tetouan.

The Archaeological Museum in Tetouan was constructed in 1943. Its exhibits are dedicated to the fascinating pre-historic and the pre-Islamic times of Morocco. The pre-Islamic era in Morocco includes the history of the Romans, Phoenicians, Mauritanians and the Punics. Islamic history is also looked at through various exhibits in the museum. Throughout the centuries of re-settlements, battles, invasion and revolts, pieces of each occurrence have remained. When these pieces are put together they help us to create snippets of the culture and traditions that have been handed down over the centuries and can still be seen today.

When visitors enter this inspiring museum in Morocco they will be greeted by the Three Graces. This is a mosaic that has survived since Roman times and depicts the celebration of mythological figures. Another wonderful masterpiece is the Sumerian statue that was discovered near Asilah. The rest of the museum has a wide variety of exhibits and artifacts that each tell a spectacular story. Some stories may seem trivial, but they highlight the progress and evolution of the Moroccan community.

Visitors to the Archeaological Museum In Tetouan can look forward to seeing artifacts such as different currency coins, tools that have been crafted from stone or bone, pottery, bronze items, amphoras, mosaics, architectural discoveries and ancient inscriptions. The figurine collection that is on display is extremely important as most of the figurines date back to first century A.D. The protection and preservation of North African Literature can be viewed in the museum’s extensive library that is home to approximately sixty-thousand volumes of literature.

This educational and fascinating attraction in Morocco is the pride of Tetouan and has become increasingly popular with foreign visitors and researchers. It is a treasure trove of historical finds and reminders of the past.

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