Natural Science Museum – Dinosaurs and Fossilized Plants

If you are interested in natural science and history, you will love the Natural Science Museum in Morocco. This reasonably good museum is situated in Rabat and it is filled with impressive displays that chronicle the origins of the earth and the creatures that have lived on it over the ages. Amateur archaeologists will delight in the many fascinating discoveries that are on display at the Natural Science Museum. So if you enjoy archaeology, why not arrange a trip to the museum during your stay and become better informed about the many interesting archaeological finds that have been made in Morocco? You may discover a wealth of information just waiting to be discovered!

The most impressive display in the Natural Science Museum in Morocco is that of a sauropod dinosaur. This impressive creature was discovered in 1979 in the Azilal regions of the High Atlas Mountains, after which archaeologists spent years of painstaking and careful digging to unearth it. The results were surely worth it since now all the bones in this large skeleton are completely authentic. The animal measures a whopping fifteen meters in length and it is estimated that it must have lived approximately 150 million years ago. Of course, seeing a large skeleton is one thing, but some may find it hard to imagine such a framework of bones with skin, eyes, scales and nails. Therefore a massive, full-scale reproduction of this gentle giant has been created, complete with compelling scales, eyes and teeth. As you stand and stare up at this memorial to a massive but harmless herbivore, it is easier to imagine what it must have looked like when it actually roamed the earth all those millions of years ago. Certainly the earth must have been a very different place at the time in order for it to accommodate such massive creatures.

So if you enjoy learning about dinosaurs and fossilized plants, come to the Natural Science Museum in Rabat and see all these amazing discoveries for yourself. The museum will transport you back in time to an era when everything in the world must have seemed very large and amazing. It’s a journey that is quite unforgettable.

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