Travel in Morocco and Book Hotels

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Though Morocco is a world away from most countries we know, it offers many of the same travel options that we are able to access in other countries. For example, the accommodation options in Morocco are remarkably good. A wide choice is open to you for Hotels in Marrakesh that will suit both your style and taste. Alternatively, if your travels are in Casablanca, try one of the fabulous Hotels in Casablanca. With regards to travel, you can fly to Morocco, as well as take connecting flights in-between the larger cities. You can also catch a train or taxi, hire a car or travel by motorbike. This means that getting around Morocco is relatively easy and should pose no problem for you – regardless of whether you are the more adventurous type or more reserved and cautious. Below is a basic list of some of the travel services that are offered in Morocco.

RAM (Royal Air Maroc) operates domestic flights from Casablanca to major cities nationwide. Between any other two points you will usually have to change planes at Casablanca, unless both points are stops on a single Casa-bound flight. In general flight are expensive but will save you a lot of time.

The trains in Morocco are very comfortable and fairly inexpensive. They cover a limited network of routes, but travel between all the major cities so they are easily the best option. They are reliable, comfortable, fast and efficient.

Shared Taxi
The Shared Taxis are one of the best features of Moroccan transport. They operate on a wide variety of routes and are much quicker than the public buses. The fares are very reasonable. The taxis are usually big Mercedes cars that may carry up to six passengers.

Buses are usually cheaper than the shared taxis and they do more regular routes. Shared Taxis will bring you to your destination much faster, but the buses are far more comfortable and safer.

There aren’t many problems driving by car in Morocco. The speed limit in town is 50km/hour and outside town on the highways it is 100km/hour. By law all drivers and passengers are required to wear seatbelts. However you should be careful of driving at night. It is legal to drive without lights at up to 20km/hour and there are many cyclists, animals and hikers at night, so drivers need to be extra vigilant. There are many car rental depots, though you should have insurance and they are very expensive. The petrol prices in Morocco are also fairly high.

Motorcycling in Morocco is increasing each year. Although you should be careful of your safety at night, you will be able to visit all the sought after places for the enthusiast. It will be advisable to take a good tool kit and puncture repair kit.