Oudaias Museum – Breathtaking Garden and Lush Vegetation

The Oudaias Museum is located in the historic town of Rabat. It is here that Moulay Ismail constructed his first luxurious mansion that is now home to the museum. This spectacular seventeenth century lodge is known for its breathtaking garden that is a maze of pathways, surrounded by lush vegetation, endless beds of vibrant flowers and beautiful ramparts and fountains.

Over and above the immaculate gardens that attract many visitors each year, the museum building itself is an awesome sight. Its spacious rooms and ancient interior, which is decorated in true Moroccan fashion, instills an atmosphere of royalty, wealth and absolute luxury. The Oudaias Museum in Rabat features a reproduction of an ancient Moroccan room with its magnificent use of colors finished off with beautiful brocade cushions and couches (known as divans) that are upholstered with gold and silk.

The carpets that are exhibited are not just woven masterpieces, but extraordinary feats of meticulous stitching and detailed work. A true Rabat carpet can have more than 130 thousand stitches in just one square meter. The motifs and patterns that are found on these carpets are traditional and often refer to the specific craftsman. Styles and techniques used to produce these rare carpets are unique to Morocco. The Oudaias Museum in Rabat has a magnificent variety of pottery, musical instruments, ancient Korans and jewelry. Visitors may also view the market place, furniture displays, diamond cutting exhibitions, statues, sculptures, textiles, fabrics, metalworking (with both silver and gold) exhibits, decorative arts and costume displays.

From marble halls, priceless carpets, works of art and unmistakable elegance, the Oudaias Museum is a gateway into the past and the rich hypnotic history of Morocco. It is an attraction in Morocco that grows in popularity as the fascination with the romantic images and mystical interest in the country increases. To walk the halls and corridors of the luxurious lodge, which was constructed in an era that the present generation can only imagine, is a rare and wonderful opportunity. This museum is an attraction in Morocco that is well worth the visit. It is a structure that transports visitors to a world they could only dream about, while educating the public and foreign visitors about the rich and unique history of Morocco and its many talented craftsmen, present and past.

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