Morocco Language Translation

Morocco is a country of many languages and many Moroccans speak two or more languages. Morocco's official language is Classical Arabic, however people tend to speak a Moroccan Arabic dialect. Following Arabic are the three dialects of Berber, namely Tarifit, Tamazight and Tashelhit, spoken mostly in rural areas.

Most people who visit Morocco make no effort to learn any Arabic or Berber phrases, yet you will find the locals very appreciative even if you utter just a greeting in their language. Why not purchase a Moroccan Arabic language translation phrasebook. In fact most dialects of Arabic will be understood in Morocco. Besides speaking Arabic and Berber dialects, French is popular language in Morocco for business and is spoken by most Moroccans. If you can speak some French or have an English-French translation phrasebook you will fare well when purchasing goods and getting around. In the northern cities of Morocco, Spanish is often the second language. English is becoming increasingly popular amongst the youth.

You may wish to learn just a few words of Arabic rather then purchase an entire Moroccan language translation book. If this is the case then is at your service. Below we have listed a few useful Arabic language phrases along with some notes on pronunciation.

All written letters must be pronounced, even double vowels.

Hello – La bes (informal when addressing one person)
Hello – Beheer (in response to above)

Hello – Salam walaykoom (formal when addressing a group)
My name is … – Ismee …
Good-bye – Bslemah
Please – Minfadlik or Afek
Thank you – Shokran or Barakalowfik
Yes – Na’am
No – La

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