Rabat Ville Train Station – Travel to Rabat from the Airport

When arriving at the Mohamed V International Airport, travelers will be able to board a train that will transport them directly to Rabat or to Casablanca. Trains leave the airport at hourly intervals and a ticket from the airport to the Rabat Ville Train Station will cost travelers in the region of 80 dirhams (Price subject to change). Travelers should be attentive when requesting a ticket or when disembarking the train, as Rabat has two train stations, namely the Rabat Agdal Station and the Rabat Ville Station. The Rabat Ville Station is the main train station in Rabat and passengers should ensure that they have reached the correct station.

The faded and discolored white walls of the Rabat Ville Station building might raise a few eyebrows, even though the water fountain outside the front of the building is beautiful. But it is what you find when you pass through the arched entrance that really amazes. The main train station in Rabat is completely modernized on the inside of the building. It is clean and well maintained with electronic display boards and refreshment kiosks. There are many passenger services available and travelers will even be able to hire a car for their journey from within the Rabat Ville Station. The platforms are also very neat, but are not completely covered. There are waiting chairs available where passengers will be able to find some shade.

Many travelers try to overnight in the Rabat Ville Station as it is very safe and secure. Unfortunately the station is closed between the early morning hours of one o’clock to three o’clock. Those that opt for curling up in the front of the station are usually reminded by friendly and helpful policemen that sleeping might not be such a good idea. Their presence does form a blanket of security around the area and most end up dozing off again. In addition, the station is not completely deserted as some of the cleaning staff work during these hours.

Another favorable fact about the main station in Rabat is that it is located near to most tourist hotels, accommodation and attractions. Its safety and the comfortable journeys it offers makes train travel a popular mode of transport in Morocco. It is also very affordable and taxis and buses are available outside the train station, even though most passengers walk to the station because of its close proximity to Ville Nouvelle. For bookings or general inquiries you can contact the Rabat Ville Train Station by telephone on (+212 37) 70 14 69 (Contact number subject to change). The ONCF website is also very helpful in regard to train schedules and routes.

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