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Marrying a Morrocan Girl- Was this treatment normal???

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  • Marrying a Morrocan Girl- Was this treatment normal???

    Tell me if the following experiences I had are normal when getting married to a Moroccan girl ?-

    Or was this treatment very bad and cruel???? and it was a big scam!!

    1) I never stayed at her house while we were going through the marriage process of arranging the
    documents to and from the court translation offices etc, I stayed alone in a hotel.

    On my 4th visit to complete the marriage process, I stayed in a hotel alone for full 2 weeks and was not
    even invited one single time to her house

    2) She threw a cake out of the kitchen window claiming it was squashed which I had brought her when I visited her house to ask for her hand for marriage

    3) She made me spend about £1,100 on materialistic things before the marriage.-Please note this did not include the girl's wedding dress or anything to do with a Moroccan wedding.

    4) I never got introduced to any of her extended family members including , no uncles, aunties, cousins, friends(apart only 1 who I have seen on all 4 occasions I had been seeing this girl), neighbours, grand parents, and one of her elder brothers and sisters because she claims these 2 were in different parts of the country at the time.

    5) I got asked to send her £300.00 claiming her nephew was sick.

    6) During one day on my last visit to her, she was celebrating/having a ceremony with her family because it was her brother's son's 1st year birth anniversary, I was not invited because she said you are not my husband yet- is this normal??

    By the way I am from England and she lives in Morocco.

    I am of Pakistani origin