Hot Air Ballooning – Adventure and Spectacular Views

For any information regarding aerial sports such as parachuting and hot air ballooning in Morocco, the Royal Moroccan Federation for Light Aviation and Aerial Sports, which is located in Rabat, can be contacted. There are many aeroclubs scattered across Morocco but, for a hot air balloon ride in Morocco, visitors should head towards the Western High Atlas plains near Marrakech.

Hot air ballooning in Morocco was brought to public attention when the Virgin Challenger lifted off from Marrakech with hot air balloon enthusiast Richard Branson in the basket. It is no small wonder that he built a luxurious resort in the Atlas Mountains for guests to be able to take advantage of the hot air balloon rides nearby. The adventure of riding in a hot air balloon has seen many people getting hooked on the sport. The thrill of being lifted high into the air and drifting on the winds has an allure of its own. Floating above the earth, with no engine noise braking the silence and tranquility of the heavens and nothing but endless landscapes stretching out in all directions, it is an experience that cannot be retold – only lived.

To be part of a hot air balloon ride in Morocco, visitors will have to be prepared for an early start. Most pilots take off before sunrise, so they will be collected from their hotels or accommodations at approximately five or six-thirty in the morning, depending on the season. Hot air balloon pilots are in constant contact with the vehicles that follow them on the ground in case of emergency and to notify the ground crew as to their landing location. The flight duration is approximately one hour and passengers will be able to get spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains, Queds Tinsift and the Al Hawuz Plain.

On landing, passengers will be given time to enjoy a hearty breakfast in the Berber villages and stroll around the little markets before being returned to their hotels. Different packages are available on request and bookings should be made in advance. A certificate will also be received from the Hot Air Balloon Company as proof of your ride. Passengers are reminded to take a warm sweater for the chilly early mornings and sunglasses for after sunrise. It is also essential not to forget your camera so that you can snap up the unforgettable moments of the journey.

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