Consulates and Embassies

Morocco is a country that lures people to its shores with its beautiful beaches, contagious heartwarming energy and friendly locals. Tourists flock here in thousands each year to experience the Moroccan culture, tradition and endless list of activities that are offered. In amongst the fun, nightlife and sightseeing, a few unfortunate tourists run into a few difficulties such as losing their passports, being injured or falling ill. And they turn to the foreign embassies in Morocco for assistance.

There are many foreign embassies and consulates located in Morocco, with most embassies being in the city of Rabat. Core responsibilities involve the consulate duties of these embassies to serve the public. This includes services, such as passport services, visas and information, but they also promote their own countries within Morocco, maintain relations between them and their host country and serve as an important source of information for their countrymen. Some of the information that is generally supplied by embassies includes travel information, listings of doctors, lawyers and medical centers, safety measures and the laws of Morocco.

Foreign Embassies in Morocco must obey and respect the Moroccan laws and cannot intervene if a tourist or citizen living in Morocco is arrested or detained. They can often advise on lawyers to be contacted, visit the inmate and be a liaison between the prisoner and their families. Embassies can also notify families in case of emergencies, death or injury. They exist to be of service to the public and they are there to protect and ensure a peaceful existence between their home countries and Morocco.

Some of the consulates and foreign embassies in Morocco include Angola, Argentina, Albania, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Burundi, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Chile, China, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nepal, Nicaragua, Norway, Oman, Poland, Russia, Romania, Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States and Vanuatu.

The foreign embassies in Morocco are vital to the promotion if their own and host countries. Many embassies work closely with the media to promote and educate the Moroccan people regarding their country’s goals, tourism industries, news and policies. And tourists and visitors are in turn educated and Morocco promoted by the feedback and advertisement that these embassies spread across the globe.

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