Travel to Agadir in Morocco

Agadir is Southern Morocco's most visited city and a very popular tourist destination. The earthquake in 1960 hit Agadir badly and the city had to be practically rebuilt. The event was taken as an opportunity to redesign the city and Agadir was transformed into a beautiful resort. Its sandy shores, modern coastal city feel and dozens of hotels are now a huge attraction and it draws crowds of Europeans during the winter months.

February 29, 1960, was a tragic day for the people of Morocco. The earthquake that hit killed 15 000 people and left over 50 000 homeless. The re-creation of the city has resulted in beautiful parks, luscious gardens and skyscraping luxury hotels.

It must be said though, that whilst the modern city is quite an attraction, it loses its appeal and novelty quickly. If you want to just hang on the beach, then you’ll be quite satisfied with Agadir. But within the city itself, it almost seems as if there’s something lacking. Like most travelers, Agadir is the place where you stop for a night or two to rest up before moving on to the more interesting Taroudannt or Essaouira. If you’re in Agadir for a number of days however, make sure you book yourself on a couple of day trips. There are plenty fascinating towns and cities and places to see that are within driving distance.


There are plenty of hotels to choose from in Morocco. Cheap accommodation can be found in the city center of Talborjt. There are a number of privately owned self-catering apartments that offer cheap accommodation for those on a budget. Be warned that ahead booking is essential during the high seasons of July-August, Christmas & New Years. They are very popular and if they aren’t self catering, then they’ll be near to restaurants.


The lack of monuments, museums and interesting sights mean that the beaches in Morocco are quite popular. Their popularity among the tourists has caused the authorities to take action in keeping the beaches clean. The sand is swept clean each morning and the regular patrols keep the beach almost free of vagrants. There are a number of bars and café’s selling drinks and renting out sun-beds and umbrellas.

Be warned: the ocean has a strong undercurrent that has caught many unawares. Small children and weak swimmers should be aware of this and not swim too far out. The south end of the main beach has jet-skis for rental. Alternatively, dry activities like horse & camel riding, quad biking and beach buggies are also available and very popular.

Things to See & Do

The Valley of the Birds (daily from 09:30-12:30 and 14:30-18:00)
This narrow strip of parkland draws a large variety of bird species all year round. A number of aviary’s, a zoo, waterfall and a playground for your children make this a great venue for families.

The Municipal Museum (Mon-Sat 10:00-19:00)
Honestly, not a terribly exciting destination, but fun for a quick perusal of some local arts and crafts.

Jardim de Olhao (daily 08:00-18:30)
This lovely outdoor area has a well groomed garden and children’s playground. The walls and structures in the garden are styled to the original Berber Style. There’s a small gallery that exhibits local artists as well as a cute cafe-restaurant.

Ancienne Talborjt
This plateau just west of the city center is somewhat of a shrine for friends and family of the over 15 000 people killed in the 1960 earthquake. A small mosque and an uncompleted memorial garden provides a somber setting for relatives and friends to walk and pray in remembrance of their lost loved ones.

Cuisine & Nightlife

Besides what the large hotels have, there’s not much in the way of discos, clubs and bars to keep you entertained after sunset. There are however plenty cafés and restaurants that stay open quite late. Catering for all budgets, there are many restaurants that serve traditional Moroccan cuisine. Otherwise, if you feel like something ‘ethnic’, you’ll be able to find an eatery with alterative choices.

Getting Around

Transport in Agadir is fairly efficient with many buses and taxis to get you where you need to be. ONCF/Supratours, CTM and SATAS move in and around Agadir. The taxis are fairly cheap and run to all major destinations.

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