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There is so much to know and find out about Morocco. Whether traveling or simply wishing to know more, the following page links can help you to gather more information about this destination.

Things of Interest

Key Facts
Would you like to know some key facts on Morocco? Things such as what time line they work on, what is the capital city and what languages are spoken there? Perhaps you would be interested to find out what the dominant religion is or what type of currency is used there. This section will help you to find the answers to these questions and more.

If you have health problems or difficulties that might be affected by the climate in the country you are planning to visit, take a look at the climate page to see how well you’d fare.

Don’t know what to pack? The weather in Morocco changes all year around – sometimes with extreme highs and lows on the same day. The weather also depends very much on what area you are visiting. Have a look at the table to see what to expect.

Many of us like to keep up to date with the latest information – especially with regards to the place we are staying. Visit the newspaper page to find a list of the local newspapers in Morocco.

Public Holidays
Holidays celebrated by most of the citizens in a country can greatly affect a persons travel plans. Check out the public holiday page to see if there will be any during the duration of your trip.


Ancient Morocco
Ever wonder exactly who the original inhabitants of Morocco were or how their governmental system developed? Perhaps you may have wondered why there is such a strong French and Spanish influence on the country? Reading a bit more about ancient morocco can help you to understand this.

Famous Moroccan People
Most people do not know much about famous people who come from Morocco. We have put together a small list of some, but would greatly appreciate suggestions.

Moroccan Proverbs
Every culture has it proverbial sayings – a few brief words that have profound meaning. Moroccans are no different. We have supplied a few proverbs in order to help you better understand their culture.

Moroccans have an especially rich folklore history. Story telling has always been a way of life in this mystical country. Find out a bit more about some famous stories by visiting this page.

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