Mamora Forest – Over Fifty Percent of Morocco’s Cork Trees

Whenever on vacation, visitors and tourists often seek a location that is peaceful, beautiful and tranquil to relax and unwind from all their new adventures and sightseeing. In Morocco, the Mamora Forest is the perfect location to find peace, quiet and seclusion from the bustling world outside. Situated near the city of Rabat, visitors can spend the afternoon in the breathtaking beauty of the Mamora Forest before heading off on their next excursion.

What makes this attraction in Morocco so spectacular is the fact that more than fifty percent of Morocco’s cork trees are located here, which means that the approximately 134 thousand hectares of the forest is filled with cork trees. Due to rapid deforestation in earlier years due to an increasing number of pulp factories opening, reforestation efforts have been made to restore the forest. Another threat to the cork trees that are found within the Mamora Forest is the Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar). These moths were first documented in the forest in 1919 and they are considered forest pests as they are known defoliate hardwood forests and even attack fruit trees.

Visitors walking through the tranquility of this natural wonder will notice that cork trees are not the only trees that flourish in this forest. Pine groves, eucalyptus trees and wild pear trees are scattered across the area. Bird watching enthusiasts flock to this peaceful forest as many of Morocco’s bird species have made this their home and live here relatively undisturbed. Some of the most exciting bird sightings in the forest have been the Sparrow Hawk (Accipiter nisus) and the Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus).

It is hard to believe when walking through this silent and mystic forest that it is surrounded by many small communities since one feels so secluded and hidden by the looming forest. These communities and their livestock live and farm in close proximity to the forest. It is estimated that the total population living near the forest is approximately 30 000. Through the cooperation of these communities and the conservationists that are working to protect this area, the Mamora Forest will be able to remain a peaceful attraction in Morocco and can look forward to lengthy future.

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