Mahkama du Pacha – An Architectural Masterpiece

The city of Casablanca is more than 1,500 square kilometers in size and filled with a variety of fascinating attractions that are well worth seeing. With more than 3,500,000 people living in the city, much work has to be done by the local government to ensure that things are kept in an orderly state. This is exactly the sort of work conducted at the Mahkama du Pacha, a parliamentary building that not only houses the court of justice but also serves as a reception area for state occasions.

The main problem with the Mahkama du Pacha as a tourist attraction is that, because it is in regular use, it can be difficult or impossible to gain access to the interiors of the building. Still, it is a great place to make a stop and take a few pictures as the building features some impressive architecture. Apparently construction of the Mahkama du Pacha commenced in 1948 and ended in 1952, and the architectural style of the building shows strong Moorish influences. The name of the building can be loosely translated as ‘Pasha’s courthouse’, which is appropriate considering the function of the building. If you are fortunate enough to gain entry, you will discover a wonderful variety of rich furnishings and finishes. The ceiling is made of carved cedar wood that harmonizes perfectly with the chiseled stucco and polychrome mosaics which can be found decorating the interiors. There are also white, marble columns and rigid geometric designs which add the finishing touches to an already unimaginably graceful interior.

Clearly, such a well designed, built and finished building is ideal for use as a state reception room and a court of justice. The building is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Prefecture of Habouss’ and it is definitely worth viewing – even if only from the outside. So why not make sure that the Mahkama du Pacha in Morocco is a part of your travel itinerary for Casablanca? You can make a quick stop, admire the graceful architecture and take a few good photographs before continuing on your way. So visit the Mahkama du Pacha and add a few good photographs to your album.

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