Bab Rouah – Historical Site, Architectural Wonder and Exquisite Art Gallery

Near the Royal Palace in the city of Rabat is one of Morocco’s finest attractions - the Bab Rouah. This great attraction is also known as the "Gate of the Winds" as it is constantly being battered by coastal winds. The gate, one of five that are located in Rabat that once served as entrances to the city, is the most majestic and well preserved of all the gates. It was constructed in the year 1197 by Yaacoub Al Mansour Al Mouahidi and is a major historical attraction in Rabat.

Bab Rouah in Rabat is an extremely intimidating structure as it looms over the visitors who approach its entrance. For a structure of such immense size it has been decorated in a remarkable amount of detail with wonderfully intricate designs. Entry into Bab Rouah is free of charge and if visitors were not completely won over by the exterior of the building, they will be once they enter through the two great doors. Even the doors to Bab Rouah have been delicately decorated with floral arabesques, elaborate embellishments and large detailed shells.

Inside the gate are two large halls with several rooms leading off of the halls. Each room is square and is quite large in size. The interior is finished off with beautiful floors and the building houses an art gallery. The gallery displays a wonderful collection of contemporary art created by local Moroccan artists with many artists, such as Farid Belkahia, Hassan Glaoui, Mohamed Chebaa and Labied Miloud, often exhibiting their work here. A collective exhibit was held in the Bab Rouah gallery in the year 1960. This was the first exhibit of its kind to be held in this gallery. The temporary exhibits are constantly changed to display new works and keep the local public and visitors interested. The Bab Rouah gallery remains dedicated to exposing Moroccan talent and artists.

Visitors will truly be amazed at the beauty and size of the Bab Rouah and the gallery that it houses inside. It is a magnificent attraction in Rabat that should be experienced and appreciated by tourists and visitors to the city. It is also a noteworthy historical site, an architectural wonder and home to one of the best contemporary art collections of local artists in the city.

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