Citadel of Chellah Gardens – Hundreds of Flowers Surrounding a Mosque

The Citadel of Chellah Gardens are located in the capital city of Morocco, Rabat. The Chellah Gardens are beautifully landscaped with hundreds of flowers coming into bloom during springtime and the result of this is the most amazing variety of scents. The flowers come in every color imaginable and produce an incredible display for passersby to enjoy.

The Citadel of Chellah has not always been a garden. Before the twelfth century Chellah served as a home to the people who inhabited it. However by the 1200’s the Citadel of Chellah was completely empty. The reason for this was because Rabat’s sister city Sale became a more popular place to live in. Over the years people left Chellah in the hope that Sale would provide them with more opportunities.

Before you enter into the Chellah Gardens you will pass through a beautifully decorated door that was created by the Almohads. If you look closely at it you will notice that Arabesque calligraphy has also been inscribed on the door. Upon entering the Chellah Gardens you will see other attractions aside from the flowers. You can see the ruins of a small mosque that was dedicated to Abou Youssef. Over the decades the Citadel of Chellah has also been used as the royal burial grounds where Abou El Hassan and other leaders have been buried. You can still see the elaborate tombstones today. You will also find Roman ruins situated in the Chellah Gardens which can be explored quite easily. In the middle of the gardens there is a stone minaret which is one of the few Islamic artifacts found in here.

The Chellah Gardens are open to visitors throughout the day. Then entire grounds of the Citadel of Chellah Gardens are available to the public and there is nowhere that visitors cannot see and explore at their leisure. Most tourists are surprised at the freedom that they have. There are security personnel and workers wandering around the gardens, but there is minimal observation. It is expected of visitors to respect the gardens and the attractions it has within it without having to be told to do so.

There is a lot to see in the beautiful Citadel of Chellah Gardens and this tourist attraction in Morocco is well worth visiting.

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