Embassy of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has long enjoyed good travel relations with hundreds of countries around the world. Oftentimes this dates back to the time when Britain was a massive world power that enjoyed the luxuries of having a large number of colonies across the globe. While today virtually every country enjoys a strong sense of independence, many former British colonies have maintained good travel relations with the United Kingdom, recognizing the benefits thereof.

Morocco is one of the many countries that enjoy good travel relations with the United Kingdom. Travelers from Morocco wishing to visit the United Kingdom should visit the British Embassy to establish what sort of visa requirements they will have to meet before setting off half way across the globe. Fortunately, modern technology has made visa applications even easier with the United Kingdom having recently introduced an online application service to Moroccans. The service is currently available in seventy different countries across the globe with the Morocco being one of the most recent additions to the list. Unfortunately the on-line application process still requires that applicants visit the UK Embassy in Morocco at least once to ensure that all the necessary documentation and paperwork is in order. However, in order to facilitate the process, a dedicated time has been set aside for processing customers who have applied for a visa on-line. This greatly speeds up the process and will enable you to not only spend less time in queues, but also less time waiting for your visa application to be processed.

Potential travelers will be glad to know that there is more than one UK Embassy in Morocco that can assist them. The main embassy is located in Rabat at 17 Boulevard De La Tour Hassan – B.P. 45. This is the best place to go for visa applications and other travel related enquiries. However, those with special needs may find it necessary to visit either the Consulate General or the UK Consulate. The Consulate General is located in Casablanca at 43, Boulevard d’Anfa and the UK Consulate is located at 9 Rue Amerique du Sud in Tanger. All branches can be reached by phone, fax and email and will do their best to assist you in whatever way possible.

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