Friouato Caves – Spectacular Underground World

Near the town of Taza lies one of the most breathtaking natural attractions in Morocco. The Friouato Caves, or Gouffre de Friouato, make up the largest known cave system in Northern Africa and the site has become increasing popular with visitors and tourists. Gouffre de Friouato was first explored by Norbet Casteret in the year 1930 and, thanks to his efforts, the caves can now be enjoyed by many.

The road leading to the Friouato Caves is quite steep, but is fortunately tarred for most of the way. All guests and visitors to the caves will be lead on this amazing journey by a guide who will take them safely through the cave system. To enter the caves, visitors need to descend down a hundred-meter shaft to reach several large chambers. It is also recommended that visitors take their own flashlights with them as the caves are extremely dark inside. A warm jacket should also be worn since many find the caves to be a little cold. Comfortable and sturdy walking shoes are advisable since a little climbing and navigation through rocky and slippery areas form part of the cave exploration journey.

The Friouato Caves stretch for kilometers underground, with the deepest cavern being 150 feet deep. Some parts along the way tend to be quite narrow but the few struggles along the way are definitely worth the effort. The caves are decorated in beautiful stalagmites and rock features. Their true beauty can be seen when shining a flashlight on them and seeing them sparkle in the light. Water and many slimy rocks and stones are also found in the cave. And, as with any cave system, the Friouato Caves are home to a large family of bats.

Professional cave explorers have ventured as far as 272 meters deep into the caves and it is believed that there is an underground river that flows near the Grottes du Chiker. This cave system stretches for 3.8 kilometers and is it is not advisable that inexperienced cavers attempt to explore it.

Gouffre du Friouato is definitely worth the visit. The caves are an amazing experience and give visitors the rare opportunity to discover this hidden world of darkness. Surrounding the caves are magnificent landscapes that form part of a nature reserve. This is just another of the spectacular attractions in Morocco.

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