Tanger Ville Train Station – Closest Station to the City Centre

ONCF, Morocco's national railway operator, opened Tanger Ville in 2003. Tanger Morora Station was the original end of the line, but since Tanger Ville Station has been created it has taken over this role and is now the closest station to the city center. There are numerous trains coming through Tanger Ville every day, so you won't have to wait long to catch yours.

Since September 2006 ONCF has been working on another large project in an attempt to keep up with the ongoing changes that are taking place with train stations all over the world. The project puts forward a proposition to create a high-speed rail. The high-speed rail is one of the first of its kind in Morocco and will connect, in the beginning, Tangier to Marrakech.

At the moment all passengers traveling on trains from Tangier to Marrakech have to endure a long ten-hour trip before they reach their destination. With the proposed high-speed rail passengers will be able to enjoy a two and a half hour train trip. This will reduce the train trip by seven and a half hours! Once the proposal has been approved it will probably only start operating by 2030.

ONCF employs about 9767 people to keep all the train stations that it owns and supervises running smoothly. ONCF not only provides passenger transport from train stations like Tanger Ville, it also provides goods transportation and phosphate transportation. ONCF continues to try and improve the train stations and services available to the thousands of passengers who use their services each year.

Morocco has an excellent railway system, which provides over-night train services throughout Europe, connecting these countries to Morocco, as well as excellent intercity passenger services. Altogether the railway system uses a total of 669,637 passenger cars and has 1,893 kilometers, or 1,176 miles, of track. There are direct, non-stop trains and non-direct trains, which include unscheduled stops at various destinations.

Traveling by train in Morocco provides relatively cheap transport. There is not much difference between the second-class and first class tickets, but there are a few advantages that you may want to keep in mind. Second class compartments tend to be a little more cramped and not as comfortable, whereas first class compartments are more spacious and the seats are more comfortable.

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