Casa Port Station – Travel by Train to Casablanca

ONCF is the national rail service in Morocco with a total of 669,637 passenger cars serving 1,893 kilometers of track. ONCF provides over 9,767 thousand people with jobs and has thousands of passengers using its services every year. Every two hours there is a train leaving one of the many stations in Morocco providing passengers with reasonably good rail service.

In Casablanca, ONCF has established two rail stations: Casa Voyageurs and Casa Port. These two stations are only five kilometers away from each other. Casa Voyageurs is the bigger of the two stations and provides all the long distance train trips around Morocco as well as in and out of the country. Some of the routes that the Casa Voyageurs Station provides are to destinations like Marrakech (El Jadida) in the south, Rabat in the north and to Fes, Oujda and Tangier (Meknes). Mohammed V International Airport has an airport shuttle service, which stops at Casa Voyageurs Station for passengers wanting to go onto further destinations.

The smaller station, Casa Port, is situated near the port in Casablanca and serves mainly passenger or commuter trains coming from the city of Kenitra to Casablanca. Casa Port Station also serves trains that connect to Casa Voyageurs Station. Passengers can choose from first and second-class passenger cars when they go and buy tickets at the Casa Port Station. There is not much difference in the price between the first and second-class coaches. The second-class compartments can take up to six passengers comfortably. They have air conditioning and clean padded seats.

Casablanca is a wonderful city to visit and is located in the western parts of Morocco near the Atlantic Ocean. There are over 3.9 million people living in the largest city and port in Morocco. The majority of the inhabitants of Casablanca live in urban areas.

Trains leaving Casa Port and Casa Voyageurs Stations provide passengers with a relaxing trip to whatever destination they are going. You get a wonderful opportunity to see the Moroccan landscape in all its varied forms. You will see from dry country landscapes, urban cities, tropical palms and mountainous areas. It really is a treat, so if there is a destination or a friend you want to visit, then head on down to Casa Port Station and buy your tickets.

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