South African Embassy

Despite the fact that both countries are located on the same continent, Moroccan travelers wishing to journey to South Africa will have to first obtain the correct documentation before boarding an airplane and leaving the country. Fortunately, there is a South African Embassy in Morocco to make this process as quick and easy as possible. This means that travelers will not have to wait for long-distance correspondence in order to get their travel visas ready before leaving for South Africa.

The South African Embassy in Morocco, like most embassies, performs many different travel-related functions. South Africans visiting Morocco can go to the embassy to sort out any problems they may encounter legally in the country, or they may turn to the embassy for help if they are pick-pocketed and loose their visa. In this instance the embassy may see fit to issue them with a temporary visa based on the information already on their computer systems from their original, existing visa. The South African Embassy in Morocco can also assist them with other services, like language translation, if necessary. Thus the embassy is well-structured and able to provide most of the basic services rendered by any embassy or consulate.

If you wish to go to the South African Embassy in Morocco, you will find it at 34, Rue Des Saadiens in Hassan, Rabat. The phone number for the embassy is: +212 537 706760, while the fax number is: +212 537 72 4550. If you prefer to contact the embassy via email, you will find that they can be reached at: [email protected] These details were updated in October 2009, but visitors to our website should be aware that they are subject to change. Therefore any difficulties experienced when trying to use this information cannot be deemed the fault of

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