United States Embassy

The Ambassador for the U.S. Embassy in Morocco is Thomas T. Riley. He accepted his position in 2004 and is dedicated to maintaining and improving the lengthy relationship between Morocco and the United States of America. His position as Ambassador oversees many aspects of the United States Embassy, such as services to the public, political matters and dealing with the media. The U.S. Embassy in Morocco promotes America within Morocco and offers American tourists in the country support, assistance and information.

The United States Embassy in Morocco assists with the application and issue of visas and issue of passports or help with the renewal of passports. They also assist with voting from Morocco, birth certificates, documentation for marriages, adoption and tax. The United States Embassy cannot perform wedding ceremonies. The information they offer to American Citizens in Morocco is vital. Marriage and financial scams are exposed by the U.S. Embassy and it can also advise on travel destinations, safety and the legal system within Morocco. Lost luggage and cost incurred while in Morocco is not the responsibility of the United States Embassy. Visitors are responsible for their own costs and luggage. The U.S. Embassy can also not change or cancel any bookings on your behalf.

If an American citizen is detained or arrested in Morocco, they will have to go through the country’s legal system. The United States Embassy is not permitted in any way to intervene, and do not have the power to make arrangements in regard to detainment or representing the party that has been detained. They are able to visit and act as a liaison between the detained and their family back home. The embassy will also be able to supply a list of legal representatives that are English speaking. During times of crisis or natural disasters, the embassy will assist with evacuations. They can also assist in emergencies such as death, illness or injury.

The United States Embassy in Morocco is vital to the relationship between the two countries and also to the public who might need their assistance. It is always advisable to register your arrival with the embassy in case of emergencies. Please find the details for the embassy and consulate below.

Embassy of the United States of America
2 Avenue de Mohamed El Fassi
Rabat, Morocco
Telephone: (+212 37) 762 265 or after hours (+212 37) 769 639
Fax: (+212 37) 765 561

Consulate General in Casablanca
8 Boulevard Moulay Youssef
Casablanca, Morocco
Telephone: (+212 22) 264 550 Fax: (+212 22) 204 127

Please Note: Contact details are subject to change.

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