Airports Guide – Local and International Airports

The most common way for international visitors to enter Morocco is by air, and air travel in Morocco is also a good option if you are in a hurry to get somewhere. If you are planning to fly there are several airports in Morocco that will be able to serve your needs. Both local and international Moroccan airports operate throughout the country. All of Morocco's airports are under the care of the Office National Des Aéroports or ONDA. This airport operator was established in 1989, and is based at the famous Mohammed V International Airport.

The Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca is probably the best known and most commonly used international airport in Morocco. Named in honor of King Mohammed V, this is an extremely busy airport that saw over 5 million passengers in 2006. The airport is identified by the IATA code of CMN and the ICAO code of GMMN. Taxis, buses and train shuttles carry people between Casablanca city and the airport. Car rental is also available at Mohammed V Airport. Inside the airport you will find stores, bars, restaurants, currency exchange facilities and ATMs.

Another major airport in Morocco is the Menara International Airport. The IATA code for the Moroccan airport is RAK. Situated just six km from Marrakech, the airport is easily reached via taxi. Or, if you prefer, you can rent a car from one of the on-site agencies. Airport facilities include currency exchange, banks, stores, snack bars and restaurants. The airport handles flights to a certain number of destinations such as Brussels, Milan, London-Gatwick, Lyon, Geneva, Paris and others.

National airlines operating in Morocco that will be able to transport you between the various Moroccan airports include Royal Air Maroc, Jet4you, Air Atlas Express, Atlas Blue, Regional Air Lines and Mondair.

Below is a list of civil airports in Morocco along with their identification codes:

Al Massira Airport in Agadir – ICAO: GMAD; IATA: AGA
Cherif Al Idrisi Airport in Al Hoceima – ICAO: GMTA; IATA: AHU
Beni Mellal Airport in Beni Mellal – ICAO: GMMD
Anfa Airport in Casablanca – ICAO: GMMC; IATA: CAS

Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca – ICAO: GMMN; IATA: CMN
Tet Mellil Airport in Casablanca – ICAO: GMMT
Dakhla Airport in Dakhla – IATA: VIL
El Jadida Airport in El Jadida – ICAO: GMMJ
Moulay Ali Cherif Airport in Errachida – ICAO: GMFK; IATA: ERH
Mogador Airport in Essaouira– ICAO: GMMI; IATA: ESU
Saiss Airport in Fes – ICAO: GMFF; IATA: FEZ
Sefrou Airport in Fes – ICAO: GMFU
Ifrane Airport in Ifrane – ICAO: GMFI
Bassatine Airport in Meknes – ICAO:GMFM; IATA: MEK
Kenitra Airport in Kenitra – ICAO: GMMP; IATA: MMP
Menara International Airport in Marrakech – ICAO: GMMX; IATA: RAK
Nador International Airport in Nador – ICAO: GMFN; IATA: NDR
Ouarzazate Airport in Ouarzazate – ICAO: GMMZ; IATA: OZZ
Ouezzane Airport in Ouezzane – ICAO: GMFA
Angads Airport in Oujda – ICAO: GMFO; IATA: OUD
Sale Airport in Rabat – ICAO: GMME; IATA: RBA
Safi Airport in Safi – ICAO: GMMS; IATA: SFI
Sidi Ifni Airport in Sidi Ifni – ICAO: GMMF; IATA: SII
Ibn Batouta International Airport in Tangier – ICAO: GMTT; IATA: TNG
Plage Blanche Airport in Tan-Tan – ICAO: GMAT; IATA: TTA
Taroudant Airport in Taroudant – ICAO: GMMO
Sania Ramel Airport in Tétouan – ICAO: GMTN; IATA: TTU

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