Vacations – Plan Your Trip to this Popular North African Destination

Planning a vacation in morocco can be somewhat difficult - where does one start? With so much to do and see, deciding exactly how you want to spend you precious time in this intriguing country can be somewhat difficult.

Most people like to start with a tour of the city they arrive at. The majority of the bigger
Moroccan cities are bustling with activity and full of things to see and experience. There are
Roman ruins, Berber Kasbahs and many other interesting sights. Some places are renowned for
their interesting architecture while others are known for their historical interest. Also worth
seeing in the cities are the markets where you will be able to find anything from snake charmers
to carpet merchants. You will also likely enjoy taking in a good meal or two at some of the fine
restaurants in the cities.

When the allure of the cities begins to wear off, you can head for the dessert, the beach or
the mountains – take your pick. You will have the opportunity to ride camels, go on 4×4 excursions,
enjoy the unique and fascinating wildlife of the desert on an eco tour or enjoy a relaxing
holiday surfing or windsurfing at the coast. Head towards the Atlas Mountains and you will be
able to enjoy hiking, climbing and skiing. You will also be privy to some incredibly breathtaking
natural views. If your legs don’t quite feel up to the exertion, you can also hire a mule to
carry you up the mountains. Mountain biking is another popular activity and bikes are available
for hire all over the country.

Clearly, there is no shortage of activities to be enjoyed in this mystical country. So how does
one go about planning their Moroccan Vacation? If you are at a complete loss for ideas, why visit our Tour Operator Listings to find a tour operator who can assist you. They will have information on all the best spots and activities and will
likely be able to arrange a package which has your best interest in.

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