Marrakech Popular Arts Festival – Entertainers and Artists from across Europe and Asia

It is very hard to believe that the city of Marrakech could become more frenzied, energetic and noteworthy than it already is on any given day of the year. This Moroccan city is alive with street vendors, locals, tourists, shops, stores and attractions. Amongst the bustle of city life, tourists usually escape to quieter sights such as the gardens of the Saadian Tombs or the peaceful grounds of the Majorelle gardens. But every year, either in June or July (depending on the organizers), the city is home to the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival.

The Marrakech Popular Arts Festival attracts entertainers, artists and visitors from destinations such as Ukraine, Poland, China and Spain. It has become a festival known for its wonderful variety of fire-swallowers, fortune-tellers, story-tellers, singers, snake charmers, dancers, acrobats, craftsmen, trick horse riders, theater performers and musicians. To accommodate all these acts and shows, historical sights such as the El Badi Palace ruins have to sacrifice their tranquil, deserted isolation for a few entertaining days. The grounds of the El Badi Palace are enormous and give visitors a sense of its former grand and luxurious past. The red walls and foundation are all that remains of this once great palace which was constructed by El Monsour in the sixteenth century. Unfortunately Moulay Ismael destroyed the palace, leaving behind only a small glimpse into the history of this amazing site. El Badi hosts most of the events that take place during the festival, with some of the main events taking place in the city’s main square, Djemaa el Fna.

The Popular Arts Festival is one of the most popular attractions in Marrakech, as it combines modern entertainment with ancient folkdances, traditional Berber musicians and the enchantment of belly dancers. It brings all the corners of Morocco together in one event, with the cultures of all the various regions melting together to create a visual and sensory extravaganza of sound, color and rhythm. When deciding on which attractions to visit in Marrakech, do not forget to mark this spectacular event on the calendar. It is an event and artistic festival adventure that visitors should not miss!

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