Amazigh Theater Festival – Berber Theater Productions

Almost everyone enjoys a good theatrical production; the combination of acting, music and speech appeal to humans in a way that no other combination of mediums does. It draws spectators in and helps them to identify with what they are seeing. The concept and popularity of theater is certainly not new and many of the theaters or theatrical festivals that exist today have been around for centuries.

The Amazigh Theater Festival in Morocco is a theatrical spectacle with a bit of a unique twist. While the usual elements of speech, gesture, music, dance and sound are all incorporated in more or less the same way as they are in theaters across the globe, they are also unique in that all theatrical productions put on during this festival are in Berber. This ancient North African language has been an integral part of Moroccan culture for centuries and it continues to play a large role in the lives of many Moroccans today. Of course, combined with this wonderfully ancient language is the use of traditional theatrical principles and things such as masks, miming and puppetry may be found at this popular Moroccan festival.

So if you want to enjoy the theatrical delights of the Amazigh Theater Festival in Morocco, you should do your best to get to Casablanca during the month of May. Of course, the exact dates of this festival may change according the calendar for that year, so it would be best to check in advance if you would like to make sure that you are able to enjoy as much of this festival as possible. Even if you do not understand the Berber language, a visit to such a festival will provide interesting insight into the language and customs of those who view Berber as their birthright. Theatrical genres may include comedies, horrors, musical theater and much more and you can expect to find something for everyone. So come and enjoy this remarkable and unique form of theater in Casablanca, Morocco. It is the only place in the world where you will ever see a theatrical production staged in this ancient language.

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