Municipal Theatre Complex in Agadir – Wonderful Folklore Productions

Agadir, and the whole of Morocco, is known as a destination that is steeped in the romantic images of nomadic caravans crossing the dry desert, lush oases that provide the weary traveler with relief from the heat, and the exotic and deep colors that complete this magical world. But it is also a world that has a rich history, heroic legends and dark folklores. All the splendor of this dream-like culture and tradition is brought to life at the Municipal Theatre Complex in Agadir.

To literally live through the folklores and tales that have been passed down through generations in Morocco, Agadir is the perfect destination. The dramatic entrance of the arrival of the horsemen and their marching army is enough to make any brave man tremble. The oncoming arrival of this majestic force can be heard as rushing hooves meet the street and the earth trembles. This medieval entourage will drive fear into the hearts of the audience and sweep them up into a story that has been retold through the ages. It is a unique and truly unforgettable performance. Not many audiences have the opportunity to smell the sweat of the horses, feel the impending danger and see folklore become reality through these characters, dressed in authentic robes and bearing intimidating weapons.

These wonderful folklore productions are accompanied by energetic dances, music and lyrics that have crept from the pages of history to be heard by a modern society. They have the ability to burn vibrant images into the memories of the audience. The Municipal Theatre Complex is dedicated to reviving the old and educating both visitors and locals on the spectacular history of Morocco.

Guests are able to explore this world of fantasy, magic and history further in the Folk Art Museum, which is located in the Municipal Theatre Complex. It was established in the year 1992 and has an amazing collection of folk art and exhibits of the traditions that originated from the Souss Valley. To visit this extraordinary Municipal Theatre Complex in Agadir is an experience that guest will always remember and cherish the adventures that are experienced here.

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