Alliance Franco-Marocaine Theater – French Theater with a Variety of Productions

Theater in Morocco has taken on various forms over the years and has become a unique and culturally rich form of entertainment. Locals enjoy the theater for its diversity in topics such as politics and culture and for its ever-changing productions. The Alliance Franco-Marocaine Theater has become especially popular with tourists for its ability to offer the audience a full program that has a different type of theatrical art gracing its stage every night.

The Alliance Franco-Marocaine Theater is a French theater in Morocco that has a range of productions which appeal to the local public and to tourists. This wonderful asset to the theatrical community in Agadir was opened with the Municipal Theater complex. Traditional French productions can be viewed at the Alliance Franco-Marocaine Theater and some plays have been adapted to relate to the people of Morocco. Some productions touch on issues involving politics, while still others tell the romantic tale of lovers, embrace the heroic legends of the past and bring tears to the audiences through tragic dramatizations. There is something for every mood and interest.

Visitors to the Alliance Franco-Marocaine Theater will also be able to sit in on fascinating lectures. The Theater has a few film shows as well and this adds to the diversity of talent and art that is on display here. Interested guests will be able to get their hands on a theater program from the Syndicat d’initiative, which enables guests to browse the upcoming events and shows. Times and dates for the productions are also available.

Theater in Morocco has expanded greatly and now includes opera, kabuki, Indian dance, mime and even Chinese Opera. Morocco has embraced this beautiful form of art and through the massive support it receives from the public it been able to establish different forms of theater to suit the needs of individuals. This unique form of entertainment in Morocco has evolved from speech and gestures into a festival of puppetry, actors and music. Visitors are encouraged to support the wonderful efforts being made by theater companies in the Moroccan Theater industry and the vital role they play in the culture and tradition of the country. The Alliance Franco-Marocaine Theater offers visitor the unique opportunity to experience and enjoy true Moroccan Theater.

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