The Port of Al Hoceima

Tetouan and Nador are located on the same road as a quaint town by the name of Al Hoceima. Situated on the water's edge of the Al Hoceima Bay, the town has been in existence since 1925. The Port of Al Hociema cannot accommodate commercial ships or vessels, but serves the many fishing vessels that fish locally and is extremely important to the tourism industry. It is a port that is always teeming with ferries and visitors.

Visitors flock to Al Hoceima as the town is famous for its beautiful beaches. On arrival by ferry tourists are greeted by a bustling fish market where traders sell and negotiate for good prices on their fresh catches. The town is also a center for food processing. Many ferry operators include this spectacular fishing town in their schedules, with a daily trip leaving the Al Hoceima port for the six hour crossing to Almeria.

Although Al Hoceima is a small port it has enough quays to accommodate trade, fishing, passenger ferries and recreational boats. It even has a quay that is dedicated to the Royal Navy. The fish market is approximately 1000 square meters in size and the Al Hociema port has four cold rooms available. It also has a site for repairs and towing facilities.

Tourists and visitors are able to hire the services of a local boat for trips and fishing. Al Hoceima bay also has crystal clear waters where you may see a variety of dolphin species that swim around the bay. Boats often take tourists out to view the dolphins. Over and above the scenic views from the quays and spectacular beaches, the Port of Al Hoceima also has a bustling nightlife in the form of clubs, restaurants and coffee shops. The restaurants here are known for their warm atmosphere and good food.

Visiting the Port of Al Hoceima is an entertaining and relaxing experience with a variety of attractions and breathtaking adventures. Even though it is not a port for commercial traffic, it is significant to the tourist industry and the economy of the town. The natural surroundings and beautiful waters of the bay makes the Al Hociema port one of the most picturesque ports in Morocco.

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