Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery – Connoisseurs of Exceptional Moroccan Art

Whether you are interested in purchasing a piece of fine Moroccan art or simply want a good look at some exquisite art works, the Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery is for you. John Lawrence and Philip Arnott, the directors of the art gallery, have firmly established themselves as connoisseurs of exceptional Moroccan art. Since 1975 they have gained a fine reputation for promoting Moroccan art as well as developing the market for this country’s art. They have also been involved in several charity events.

The Tangier Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery was established in 1991 by Philip Arnott and John Lawrence, who are actually representatives of Bonhams in North Africa. The London-based auction house of Bonhams is the largest and also the oldest auctioneer dealing in antiques and fine art. Bonhams is known throughout the world and is involved in the collection, fine art and antiques markets worldwide.

Since its establishment, the Tangier Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery has seen some of the most intriguing art works by local and international artists including Mohamed Hamri, Colin Watson, Robert Heindel, Stacey Elko, Jerry Browning, Jacques Gatti, Jean-Pierre Favre and Katie Gabet.

An additional Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery was opened in Marrakech on 11 June 2007. The layout of this fine gallery was designed by the connoisseurs themselves. Much like the gallery in Tangier, the Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery in Marrakech was set up with the aim of having a cultural and social effect on the city by representing new artists and displaying their art works for all to see. These two exceptional men have been instrumental in developing new talent amongst young Moroccan artists as well as bringing the works of international artists to Morocco.

As previously mentioned, the Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery has hosted a number of exhibits for renowned artists. Recently a retrospective of Mohamed Hamri’s works was hosted by the Tangier gallery. Mohamed Hamri (1932 – 2000) was a renowned Moroccan author and painter. Artist Ahmed Said Kadiri took part in a major display at the Tangier gallery of Lawrence-Arnott in 2003. Mohammed Mrabet exhibited here in August of 2006. In 2005, Houda Khalladi’s works were displayed at the gallery. Her works contain elements of realism and surrealism. Stacy Elko participated in a collective exhibition with Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery in Tangier in May 2003.

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