Galerie de Art Frederic Damgaard – Modern Art using Traditional Thuja Techniques

Art is so varied from one artist to the next that people often find themselves asking ‘is it art?’ In the broadest meaning of the word, art can be defined as being the expression of creativity and imagination. However, art is often most valued when the skill needed to produce an artwork is particularly difficult – for otherwise anyone could produce art and art would lose its value in the eyes of mankind. Art may be modern, neo-classical or pop-like. It may reflect current trends, the work of past masters, or display a unique sense of style that is new to the world. Artists can express themselves through virtually any medium and they may choose to rework old mediums or to explore the world in search of new mediums.

Essaouira wasn’t always the artistic center it is today. It started life as a small coastal town and grew into a massive trading port long before it became an artistic meeting place. During the 60s and 70s Essaouira became a place where artists knew they could freely meet and express themselves and their world would be embraced by art enthusiasts. In a country such as Morocco where centuries of customs may dictate ‘the norm’ and prevent it from changing, such freedom was embraced and welcomed. Today this trend continues in the many art galleries that can be found around Essaouira. One of these is the Galerie d’ Art Frederic Damgaard. This bright and colorful gallery was opened by M. Frederic Damgaard some years ago and it has been a hit with artists, locals and visitors ever since.

M. Frederic Damgaard first arrived at Essaouira more than thirty years ago during the 60s when Essaouira was considered to be a great place to ‘hang out’ and ‘get stoned’. When everyone else left, Damgaard stayed on and went on to open an art gallery. He chose a voluminous house near the entrance of the city to establish himself in and he has become known for using traditional thuja techniques and an unusual, modern and imaginative way. He displays the works of local painters and wood sculptors in his gallery and seems to decorate the gallery in his own unique and inspiring way. Even if you are unlikely to purchase any art whilst in Morocco, a visit to this wonderfully colorful and imaginative gallery is a must. It mentally transports you to a whimsical world full of color and hope and it has been inspired by the souks and cafes of Essaouira. It makes for the perfect introduction to the city and should not be missed. You’ll find the Galerie d’ Art Frederic Damgaard in Morocco on Av Ogba Ibn Nafia and it is open daily between 10:00 and 13:00 and 15:00 and 19:00.

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