Qoubba Art Gallery – Cultural Art Exhibits near the Museum of Marrakech

Located in the beautiful, vibrant city of Marrakech in Morocco is the exceptional Qoubba Art Gallery. Art enthusiasts and those looking to explore the rich cultural wonders of Morocco will have a wonderful time exploring the Qoubba Art Gallery, which offers both a fascinating permanent exhibition as well as various temporary exhibitions.

The Qoubba Art Gallery is situated at 91 Souk Talaa, near the Museum of Marrakech. The art gallery’s shop can be found at 115 Souk El Hanna in the Marrakech Medina. The art gallery itself is perfectly situated in the center of historical Marrakech. Marrakech is known fondly as the “Pearl of the South” and “Red Town”, providing the ideal setting for an art gallery filled with enlightening art works. Here, the sheer majesty of Marrakech is blended with the amazing skill of the artists. Indeed, those who visit Qoubba Art Gallery will discover some of the most amazing Moroccan art. From the architectural wonders outside, to the inspiring art works inside, this is a real journey for the senses.

The Qoubba Art Gallery was established by Luciano Natali and Abdellatif El Karti beside the stunning dome of qoubba. Interestingly, the dome is the last remaining evidence of original Almoravid art in the city of Marrakech.

Qoubba Art Gallery’s permanent exhibition features a wide variety of local and international artists. The featured artists include Moulay Youssef El Kahfai (National School of Beautiful Arts graduate), Iqbi Abderrahim, Koureur Nourdine, Nouiri Mohammed (School of Beautiful Arts graduate), Nyami Morabit Driss (School of Beautiful Arts graduate), El Hamidi Rahal (an international painter), Meryem Belhaj (School of Beautiful Arts graduate), Chrak Hamdi (graphic arts graduate), Ben Moussa Fatiha, Jebrane Moulay Driss (School of Beautiful Arts of Tetouan graduate), Ait Amghar L’Houssaine, Akh El Arb Abdelkarim, Zaubair Hallal (School of Beautiful Arts Graduate), Achibane Brahim, Maurafiq Mohamed, Badauini Said, Maudlib Abdessadek, Moulay Larbi Cherkaoui (painter-calligrapher).

Aside from the stunning paintings permanently on exhibition at the Qoubba Art Gallery, various temporary exhibitions are held. These may feature the works of a single artist or may encompass art created by a variety of talented individuals.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Qoubba Art Gallery, you can visit their website or email them on [email protected]. You won’t want to miss this visual journey in Marrakech.

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