Matisse Art Gallery – A Variety of Exhibitions of Top Moroccan Artists

Any lover of art should spend at least a little time visiting the many art galleries in Morocco if they plan to spend some time in the country. These galleries can prove to be an oasis of tranquility and beauty in a busy market area filled with bartering, rugs and livestock. The art market of Morocco is still relatively young, having only really started coming into its own in the last few years. In fact, it was only really after the Matisse Art Gallery was launched in 1999 that many local artists started to gain the recognition that they have long deserved.

The art gallery is named for artist Henri Matisse and is one of many art galleries around the world to bear his name. Henri Matisse is probably one of the best known artists to arise in the twentieth century. This incredibly skilled French artist was not only an artist, but also a draughtsman and printmaker. While he gained recognition for all of his art, it was his work as a painter that really gave him the fame and fortune he deserved. Matisse was noted mainly for his brilliant use of color and his original and brilliant draughtsmanship. Hence, he is the perfect representative for a number of top art galleries around the world which display the work of up-and-coming artists from a variety of different artistic fields. The Matisse Art Gallery in Morocco was launched by Nabil El Mellouki and Youssef Falaki in 1999 in collaboration with other Matisse Art Galleries across the globe.

Since the opening of this gallery in Marrakech, the local art market has started blossoming. Local artists have been able to fully express themselves and to enjoy an atmosphere wherein such freedom of expression and development of the arts is encouraged. Today the gallery regularly hosts a variety of exhibitions by some of the top artists in the country, including Nourredine Chater, Mohamed Melehi and Hassan El Glaoui. Artists may be young or new to the scene or well established in the industry. The Matisse Art Gallery is open daily though opening hours may vary according to what exhibitions are currently being held at the gallery. So make a stop at the Matisse Art Gallery in Morocco and enjoy this oasis of art and culture.

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