Guelmim-Es Semara

With the southern half of the region of Guelmim-Es Semara falls into the disputed territory of Western Sahara. The region is home to around half a million people and has Guelmim as its capital city.

The region of Guelmim-Es Semara covers 122 825 square kilometers and includes the provinces of Assa-Zag, Es Semara, Guelmim, Tan-Tan and Tata. The city of Guelmim is renowned for its camel market as well as its jewelry artisans. Encircled by date palms, the houses in the city are built from distinctive red clay. Semara or Smara is home to a number of interesting tourist attractions including the zawiyya of the Blue Sultan. Tan-Tan is a fascinating desert town in the Guelmim-Es Semara region. Attractions here include the port and the Venus of Tan-Tan. The town of Tata is frequently used as a base from which trekkers can explore the surrounding area of the Anti Atlas. Adventure travelers will definitely want to check this destination out.

Whether you are looking for historical sites, adventure travel, or cultural experiences the region of Guelmim-Es Semara caters to all.

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