Horse Riding in Morocco – Adventure Rides in the Desert or on the Beach

There is something so incredibly beautiful and enigmatic about Berbers mounted astride their noble horses as they cross the sea-like deserts of Morocco. The sight inspires and impresses. Not only do these people have incredibly beautiful horses, but survival of both horse and man likely depends on a strong bond of friendship, trust and respect. The Barb and Arab horses used in the country are hardy, sure-footed and lightweight in order to cope with the harsh climatic conditions. But they are also beautiful and inspire a sense of nostalgia in horse lovers from around the world.

The idea of riding an Arab or Barb through the mountains and deserts of North Africa is something that appeals to many people. The combination of rural settlements, rustic landscapes and luxurious tented overnight camps is unbeatable. The High Atlas Mountains provide breathtaking views while the heat of the Sahara is an experience on its own. The palm groves in valleys fed by rivers add splashes of green to the otherwise arid landscape. Local Kasbahs provide the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with the Berber people. Horse riding in Morocco is becoming an increasingly popular activity although, in truth, it has been available to vacationers for decades already. Horse riding holidays provide the perfect opportunity for horse lovers to explore the wilderness and culture of rural Morocco while experiencing first hand all the endearing qualities that have made these horse breeds the forerunners of most of the horse breeds found elsewhere in the world today.

The enjoyment of your horse riding holiday in Morocco will be determined largely by which company you choose to employ for the occasion. There are a number of excellent horse riding establishments in the country – many of which are run by top equestrian authorities. Arabs and Barbs, being the most suitable breeds of horse for the terrain, are the most commonly used and riders will usually find themselves comfortably seated in an English–styled saddle instead of a western saddle. Tour routes vary from company to company and may include any number of fascinating features during the trip. You should definitely bring your camera along for this one! Most horse riding companies also offer somewhat luxurious overnight accommodation where you can relax tired muscles in comfort. Be warned, however, many of the horses used are stallions and riding skill must be moderate to experienced in order for riders to make the most of the experience.

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