Water Sports – Canoeing, Kayaking and Surfing

In a country that is as hot as Morocco, people love flocking to the beaches to enjoy the refreshingly cool waters of the ocean. During the summer months you will find scores of tourists making good use of both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast. The local tourism agencies have long since recognized that there is a massive market for water sports in Morocco and so virtually every kind of non-team water sport you can imagine is available in this country.

Some of the water sports available have been around for decades. Things like canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and surfing have been practiced in Morocco for almost as long as they have been practiced in other parts of the globe. Water-skiing is still as popular as it was a few years ago and deep-sea fishing is gaining popularity. Scuba diving is fast becoming one of the best ways to explore the oceans surrounding Morocco with their beautiful abundance of marine life and sailing is a great way to spend time breathing in the salty sea air. Recent years have also seen more and more people making good use of the many rivers and lakes in Morocco and this, in turn, has brought about an increase in sports like white water rafting, rowing and yachting. Jet-skiing is another popular activity that hundreds of people participate in every year.

The last couple of years have also seen growth in kite surfing in Morocco – an exciting new sport that has been taking the world by storm. The participant is harnessed to a powerful kite which he carefully controls by means of two handles. Once he straps his feet to a board, the kite can whisk him off across the ocean or lakes where, with enough practice, he can do almost any maneuver that he can think of. Kite surfing takes physical strength, a certain degree of intelligence and a great degree of sporting skill to be performed successfully. Thankfully there are a number of coaches available to teach you the basics and help get you started.

Clearly there is no shortage of fantastic water sports in Morocco to enjoy. So pack your bathing suit and head out to the beaches the next time you visit this amazing country.

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