Atlantic Coast – Explore the Tourism Meccas of Essaouira and Casablanca

The sea provides a large amount of income for Morocco, whether through tourism, fishing or shipping. Many colorful cities are based on the coast and you can easily make your way down to the docks to share some maritime stories with the locals. You could also take up windsurfing or simply have a refreshing swim in the sea.

Characterized by industry, culture and character, the Atlantic Coast of Morocco is a small section of coastline that definitely deserves a visit. As you idly make your way to the docks to buy fresh fish, you can visit and chat with the local fishermen who’re always willing to share a ‘fisherman’s tale’ of wild adventures at sea. Or you can take a refreshing swim. The choice is up to you.

The cold Atlantic coast of Morocco plays a big role in the tourism industry as well as provides shipping ports and catering to the local fishing industry. The coastal towns and cities in Morocco on the Atlantic Coast are Essaouira – a tourism mecca, Skhirat – a small fishing community with panoramic beaches, and the chief fishing centers – Agadir, Safi and Casablanca. They catch pilchard, tuna mackerel, anchovies and shellfish in this area. You can try your hand at fishing amongst the locals, or cast from the shore line.

If fishing is not quite your thing you might choose to go to Agadir to soak up some sun. This part of the world gets over 300 days of sunshine every year so you’re plans are not likely to get washed out. There are beautiful sandy beaches and pristine blue seas to help you relax.

Perhaps you are a more adventurous person? Then you might try surfing or wind surfing. Morocco’s location makes it very popular with Europeans as it is only a short distance away and it provides some renowned surfing and windsurfing spots. Essaouria is one of the most popular wind surfing spots in Morocco. Just North of Agadir and some distance South of Essaouria, you will find some amazing surf spots made famous by Jimi Hendrix, who fell in love with the area. Anchor Point, Mysteries, Dog Steps, Source and Killer Point are surfing spots that can all be found in this area. They provide anything from 4ft to 14ft waves and the water temperature stays constant at around 17°C.

Why not check out this part of Morocco and soak up some sun? You never know, you may enjoy it just as much as Jimi Hendrix did!

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